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legal services

We provide legal services to Slovak and foreign entities, both to corporate clients in connection with the performance of their business activities and to non-entrepreneurs in solving their everyday problems. It is not only individual acts of legal service, but a long-term and systematic accompaniment of clients in business and life. We prefer personal approach to each client and tailor-made solutions.

Komplexná právna pomoc
Poskytujeme právne služby
Moderné právne postupy
Veríme v rýchle a efektívne právne postupy

legal procedures

We believe in fast and efficient legal procedures and creative solutions, saving time and energy to both our clients and us. We consider electronicization in the judiciary and state administration to be self-evident and we make maximum use of it. Advocacy is also a mission for us. We therefore provide legal services “pro bono” in specific cases.


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